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Instant Chai Machine With 4 flavor options

Instant Chai Machine With 4 flavor options

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Experience a new level of efficiency and quality in your restaurant or cafe with our 4 Flavor Instant Vending Tea Machine. Designed to streamline your tea service, this innovative machine comes equipped with a 4-liter tank ensuring a consistent supply of hot water for brewing delightful teas.


Safety and reliability are built-in features with copper transformers, a power stabilizer board, and a safety MCB switch, providing a stable power supply and protecting against electrical issues.The user-friendly push-button system simplifies tea selection, while high-quality silicon pipes maintain hygiene standards and durability.


Compact and space-saving, this machine fits seamlessly into any kitchen or service area, offering four canisters to hold different premix flavors for diverse customer preferences. Upgrade your beverage offerings, save on labor and material costs, and delight your customers with every cup of tea from our 4 Flavor Instant Vending Tea Machine.


Specifications of 4 Flavor Machine

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 56 x 46 x 21 cm
  • Weight; Approximately 75 lbs
  • Boiler Capacity 4 liters
  • 2.2 lbs per canister (4 canisters total)
  • Dispensing Rate Approximately 6 cups per minute
  • Water Supply with Water pump
  • Beverage Variant Setting 4 options available
  • Hot Water Dispensing: Yes
  • Easy-to-use Push Button
  • Initial Startup Time: 10 minutes
  • Local Warranty 1 year
  • Power Requirement: 110V
  • Rinse Functionality: Yes





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